The Importance of List Building


The internet never sleeps and is in a constant state of evolving to the next best thing. From responsive websites to interactive apps, development on the internet takes place at the speed of lightning. Keeping up to date with the latest trends and practices is essential in order to stay at the top, increase your client base, and reach out to customers. While email marketing did momentarily slow down in the past decade, it never completely disappeared. And in the past couple of years, email marketing has surfaced once again as the most popular tool for building online communities and marketing your products and services.


The Importance of List Building:

As email marketing makes its comeback, it is crucial to know the importance of list building in order to fully understand the implications and take advantage of this window of opportunity. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider building an email list:

  1. Emails Reach Opt In Users Only:
    Unlike other forms of marketing and spam, Email Lists rely on users independently signing up for the service. This means that individuals who have an interest in a particular field or line of work will sign up for your marketing list; and as such they are more likely to actually open your emails and read through them. On the other hand, randomly emailing people with your ideas usually resulted in messages getting “lost” in an inbox. Thanks to the opt in feature, this is no longer the case, and you can be confident with the knowledge that people are actually interested in receiving and viewing your emails.
  2. The Power of the Email Notification:
    Chances are most of your users and customers have smartphones, and if they do, they have surely synced their devices with their email accounts. As such, any email they get is immediately displayed in the notification area of their phone, and a brief overview of the email including the subject, sender, and portion of content is shown immediately. This makes a huge impact on your customers, as seeing regular emails from your business helps establish your credibility and dedication to serving their needs. Furthermore, thanks to email notifications across multiple devices, your consumers are likely to check their emails every few minutes, and stay on top of any messages they receive. This in itself has greatly helped the email marketing cause; and provides an assurance that your message will be seen.
  3. Ignoring Social Media Updates:
    With people’s social media feeds being filled up by dozens of photos, videos, and news items, in most cases, your status updates won’t be seen. At times, your updates may get lost among other updates, and in some cases, people may prefer to turn off notifications from businesses, focusing instead on their friends, family members, and other personal connections. Email marketing is an excellent way to get around this, since people will definitely get a notification about your message.
  4. What the Gurus Say:
    Businesses existing solely on the internet are a huge deal, raking in millions in sales and from other sources of revenue. Ask any internet marketing guru about how to make money online, and chances are, email marketing and list building strategies will be on their list of answers. When the experts start relying on a method with complete confidence, you know it is bound to work, and that is the exact case with email marketing.
  5. Save on Time and Effort:
    Managing multiple social media accounts and posting updates, pictures, and videos across them is quite time consuming. At times, you may even feel inclined to leave that task until the next day, or until the next, until you’re sitting there a week down the road wondering why orders aren’t rolling in. On the other hand, by building email list, you can reach out to all (or most) of your clients with a single message in a few minutes. This results in significant savings in time, effort, and money.


While social networking and blogging are a great way to interact with customers, it has been established time and again that a business email list is the most effective way of reaching out to clients. The importance of list building is also evident from the fact that an increasing number of experts are now using it as their top marketing tool. Your email marketing list is also a great way to keep customers aware of the happenings at your business, and build a personal connection on a whole new level